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Single Mom Seeks City Council Seat

| Published by Genoa Barrow | The Observer

No Black women have sat on the Sacramento City Council since Lauren Hammond and Bonnie Pannell exited in 2010 and 2014, respectively.

State employee Tamiko Heim seeks election in District 5 — the same district Hammond, the first Black woman elected to the council, represented for more than a decade. She faces three others: Chris Baker, Caity Maple, and Kimberly Sow.

“I reached out to Lauren early on to just ask for wisdom on running and how I should just move forward and what her thoughts were on the district,” Heim said.

“I want to learn from my elders who have done it before. We sat down for coffee and we just talked. Having someone actually being willing to meet with me about what I want my journey to be is amazing.”.

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The future of Sacramento’s District 5: a report on the entire race

| Published by | Sacramento News and Review

“Tamiko Heim knows that hard work, careful coordination and community will-power can equal great things. She learned that lesson working on the Black Child Legacy Campaign, which was arguably one of the most successful and effective public-private partnership initiatives the region has seen in years. ”

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How far left will Sacramento go? Election puts homeless activist against neighborhood advocate

April 14, 2022 | Published by Theresa Clift | The Sacramento Bee

The race for one of three open seats on the Sacramento City Council pits a self-described progressive homeless activist against a neighborhood advocate who got involved in local government by pushing for better crosswalks.

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Why longtime state employee Tamiko Heim is running for Sacramento City Council District 5

April 13, 2022 | Published By Xavier Mascareñas | The Sacramento Bee

Tamiko Heim, one of the candidates seeking to represent District 5 in Sacramento City Council, is interviewed while in Oak Park on Saturday, April 9, 2022, about why she has entered the race and where she hopes to focus her efforts if elected.

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Oak Park Neighborhood Association Candidate Forum
April 8, 2022

Interview with Pastor Mark Meeks of City Church for his video series: “Race, Culture, and the Church”

| Tamiko Heim | City Church

The Bible informs us that the church is made one through our Savior, Jesus the Christ. Still, cultural, racial, geographic and societal fissures persist, separating and preventing us from thriving in community and being instructive models for others. Pastor Mark Meeks discusses wide-ranging issues of race and culture with and for the church.

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